Electroplating hanger maintenance skills

1. Disassemble the workpiece electroplating equipment First use a knife to cut the insulating layer adhered to the joint between the electroplating hanger and the workpiece, and then disassemble the workpiece. Care should be taken to ensure the surface brightness of the workpiece, do not bump the workpiece, prevent scratches and deformation. 2. Disassemble the electroplating hanger with spare parts When disassembling a hanger with spare parts, pay attention to the integrity of the spare parts (such as protective washers, threaded plugs, clips, hooks, springs, etc.) to prevent deformation, failure and loss. 3. Remove the hanging basket and the net basket When disassembling, keep the shape of the hanging basket and the hanging basket itself and check the mesh. If the mesh is corroded, damaged, thinned or thinned, it should be repaired or replaced in time. 4. Remove the insulation of the hanger a. Check whether the insulation on the hanger is damaged, whether it is aging, deformed, discolored, whether there is leakage, and whether it can be used twice. If it is not damaged, it can be retained for use. If it is damaged, it must be removed. b. Do not use an open flame to burn off the insulation on the hanger to prevent accidents and fires in the workshop. c. When removing insulation, attention should be paid to safety technology and labor protection issues: ① The dismantling site should have ventilation facilities; ② Wear gloves when disassembling to prevent damage to the skin; ③ When the exhaust fan temporarily fails, a gas mask should be worn for disassembly work.





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